Think EV US Digital

Digital Media Design and Launch

Think EV was started in the late 90’s as a venture of Ford; its first foray into electric vehicles. In the early 2000s, Ford abandoned Think EV, and it became its own company based in Norway.

In 2010, Think EV approached me to help them launch the Think City, an updated version of the original with a quirky plastic body, bare-bones interior and all-electric drivetrain. For Think EV, I contracted to be their North American launch manager, and the role included the digital aspects of the program, as well as other marketing initiatives like ride & drives and retail location selection and design.

Think had a corporate website for European sales, but needed one for the US. While working with the corporate team in Oslo, I led a US-based team to conceive, design and develop One of my favorite parts of the project, and my idea, was the marketing and promotion of 300+ cars in inventory by personalizing them: we gave each VIN a unique Scandinavian name.

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