NYT Advertorials, Watch This Space

I’ve really been enjoying the NYT online experiences. I read an interview with the publisher last year where he gave a tour of their development environment… apps, website, advertorials like this.

I clicked on this link thinking 2 things: 1. This is an ad for Delta and 2. This is an ad for Delta that says it’s using technology to help customer experience… read: “Oh this outta be good.”

Alas my sarcasm was quashed. Take a looksee here. https://paidpost.nytimes.com/delta-tech/can-an-airline-take-the-stress-out-of-travel.html?tbs_nyt=2017-oct-nytnative_hpmod&cpv_dsm_id=8854958 

Amazing right? The video, which is superb with solid and entertaining infographics, really isn’t about Delta per say, but Delta is promoting it. I found myself thinking about Delta while watching and wondering if maybe their years-long campaign of upping their game isn’t finally paying off.

If you’re a Delta flyer, you’ve noticed their plane interiors and service has been upgraded. First class domestic they play soft techno beats… have blue moodlighting. And take your jacket to hang up… LIKE THE GOOD OLD DAYS.

Their app and website is really, really good especially compared to the others. I recently booked a flight to Berlin using Lufthansa and that website & app are a nightmare. (I honestly don’t blame their marketing/tech team for this, I think they are made to use this system because they are part of Star Alliance. YUCK.)

And things like this advertorial.

Kudos to whomever is running Delta now. I can see all of this paying off in dividends after a well thought out, long-term campaign of improvement. And Kudos to the NYT for showing marketers the future of online sponsorship.

BTW I hope to get back to writing snarky, sarcastic bits again soon. Please don’t lose faith 😉

*Photo credit, https://www.psfk.com/2016/03/t-brand-studio.html