Washing the Tesla

One of our company cars, mine for a while.

Washing the Car.Show Tesla just now I remembered a story about our house.

When we bought it, we researched the home and learned about Doug Dow who lived here in the 1930’s and worked for Detroit Edison as an engineer. Also that he was an inventor. And… that he was known to have worked on his “electric car” at this house.

Our house is tied to Electric Car Royalty History

At the closing, the sellers gave us the original drawings for the house, including major renovations from 1935 when they added on to the house and built a 2 car garage. Before we left the closing room, the wife said something like, “They built an all electric car in that garage for Edison.”

Sure enough, in the prints for the garage it says “Garage – Detroit Edison Electric Company” (Paraphrasing – I’m looking for those damned prints now).

Re-imagining Car Shopping in 2016

Here I am in 2016, working with an amazing team who’s trying to re-imagine car shopping in the 21st century, washing an electric car in front of that same garage.

Life is a circle.