Italy (Puglia & Sorrento)

We took a family holiday this past summer where we met my adopted Sister, her husband and 2 kids. They flew in from Turkey where they live.

Puglia (Polignano Amare, Ostuni, Lecce, Galipoli)

We met up in Puglia where we set up base came in Ostuni in a lovely Airbnb. From there we took day trips to several cities, including a no-favorite Lecce (amazing).

Napoli (Pompei, Sorrento, Amalfi Coast)

From there we traveled to Napoli where we set up camp in Sorrento. What a great area… beautiful Bay of Naples views to Vesuvius (smoking!!!) and amazing luxury yachts. A favorite day was a charter around the Amalfi peninsula.

Materra, Rome

We spent our last days with the family in Materra, a Unesco World Heritage site built into the hillsides of a ravine into caverns.

Bryan and I left our group to spend a day in Rome before heading back to the states.

Oh… the boot and knee cart? I tore my achilles tendon 2 weeks before we left. That little cart did wonders for me, and got us through security lines like nobody’s business. 😉