Rapid Response Platform

Our company, Detroit Trading, began the process of creating a BDC services arm in 2015. Up until that point, we were focused on lead generation for all the brands, agencies and dealership groups… with this effort we began to take a look at all of our and our client’s leads through the lens of our ultimate clients: the consumer. How do we improve their experience and enhance the dealer’s sales. How can we provide value above and beyond simply providing quality leads?

In order to do this we not only had to build a team of skilled agents, we determined that we also needed a customized app/platform that would enable our team to work quickly through leads, sorting out the wheat from the chaff, and driving engagement to the customer when they expect it (immediately), and driving more sales for our clients; dealerships.

The app had 2 main components: A reporting module for our clients where they could see all of their leads, interact with the conversations, and take next steps, and an agent tool that cued up work, allowed for quick modification to lead information, and provided easy options for the agent to send the customer to the dealership.