Tangier; Medina, Marshan, Castilla

1 week in Tangier was probably enough for me. I want more of Morocco though. We rented a home in the Medina for this trip. Streets so narrow you could touch buildings with both hands outstretched, this old-town was full of life, dirt and…goats. We were in Morocco just before Eid Al-Adha, and nearly every rooftop had a goat awaiting slaughter for the holiday. Our AirBNB host said “leave before the streets fill with blood.” Blcht. I thought she was joking. Cut to us literally running to the ferry for Gibraltar as the pyres were being lit.

Morocco is Dry

We also enjoy libations, and this is a no-no in Morocco. Turkey, another Muslim country, celebrates drinking with its cultural Raki drink. Not so in Morocco. We were forced to buy wine from the restaurants we haunted, and made a cross-town trek to a British Hotel for cocktail hour every night.