Creative Co – A precursor to WeWork™

In early 2012 I had the idea to create an online community called Creative Co that would be a virtual collective of, at first, Detroit’s creative community where we could collectively offer our services.

At the time I was heavily involved in branding and working for the Detroit Creative Corridor Center, a fantastic organization organized by The College for Creative Studies in Detroit and Business Leaders for Michigan, run by a good friend of mine, Matt Clayson.

We decided to pursue, using the Creative Co moniker, one of his key objectives which was to create a makers space for the creative community. My contribution to the project included some strategic thinking around it being a “virtual” agency, where members not only rented out collocated workspace, but shares a core business development team that would seek and reply to RFP’s, including members of the group on the various projects.

While we never got to the stage of signing a lease and doing the great work that WeWork™ has done, I’m so very proud of what we accomplished in pushing the idea/concept within the City and around the country. Check it out!