Chile: Valparaiso, Vina Del Mar, ConCon, Zepallar and Santiago

We met up with family who spent 67 days traveling throughout Chile (and a small town in Argentina) at the end of February, 2020.

Mike and Lynne run Viand, a luxury food, travel and event brand that I helped them market in late 2019. Lynne is a sommelier and chef who specializes in farm-to-table cooking, and started Viand just last year to teach this philosophy. They spent the better part of the winter in warm, sunny Chile exploring food and culture, stargazing, cooking, … living really… and had a great time. Bryan and I met up with them for the last few weeks of their adventure.

We even filmed the very first Facebook Live video for Lynne’s brand; Lynne grilled local beef and we staged a live shoot for her Facebook brand page.

We started out on the coast, visiting greater Valparaiso, travelled north to Zepallar, and ended our own trip in Santiago, Chile’s capital.

What a beautiful and friendly country. We can’t wait to go back!