An anatomy of an Oscar performance

I’ve been home sick with Flu (A) this week. I’ve been alive since Wednesday, and “Darkest Hour” has been on in the background while working.

Gary Oldman has completely bewitched me in his role as Churchill.

Firstly, I’ve seen, oh, ONE MILLION Winston Churchill impressions. Snooze. My last favorite impression was Albert Finney in “The Gathering Storm.” Honestly, all since have really irritated me, even Lithgow (although that production is SO good I can bear it). Also, I’ve been in love with Albert Finney since I was a kid and saw “Scrooge.” (Minds out of gutter… the young Scrooge!)

Secondly, I’ve never liked Gary Oldman since “The Fifth Element” when he was Mr. Zorg. He was like the Jar Jar Binks to Bruce Willis’ Natalie Portman. Nails on a chalkboard.

But this. This performance is exceptional. It transcends. And since I’ve had time to think about it, I wanted to talk about it:

I figured it out! (Spoiler alert ahem) Where it transcends into Oscar territory is in the war cabinet. When he asks to speak to Chamberlain and Halifax alone. The walk with matches and cigar, the look while walking, the looks at Halifax while lighting and positioning in chair. There… that’s the magic we all wait for in movies!

Go rent or buy this on iTunes or wherever. Actually, run. Run don’t walk.

And with that Gary Oldman has shed that dumb mask-like hairdoo from “Fifth Element.”

Zorg is dead. Long live Gary Oldman!

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