Over Targeting on Facebook – Attack of the Underwear Ads!

2 weeks ago I started bugging my friend Tierney with screenshots of underwear ads Facebook was serving me. Why? Because a day before I clicked through on a Facebook ad, just one (1) , and bought a pair of fancy athletic gym-type short-things made with silver in them that looked kinda cool. And BOOM… Retarget city. 20 ads in 2 days.

“Who knew there were so many underwear companies?”

I found it annoying at first. Then, amusing. Who knew there were so many underwear companies? Who knew there were so many alliterative ideas for underwear brands? So many ideas for tongue-in-cheek, double entendres? “Saxx! Underwear will treat you right!”

So I thought I’d share the best of them with you, since I tortured Tierney with them for a week or more.

Without further ado, the Facebook Underwear Advert Gallery: